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Methadone (Hip Hop Against Drug Abuse)

by Kensho Kuma

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Kensho Kuma - "Methadone (Hip Hop Against Drug Abuse)"
Produced by: Necro
Mixed by: D-Wiz
Mastered by: Sota Furugen
Graphics: Senor Gigio
from the upcoming "Lineage ov the Lyricist" FREE album


All my party people doing drugs in the bathroom
treating they nose right, I see yall
untreated alcoholics, dual diagnosis, I see yall
cats smoking meth out of a light bulb, drug addicts

(Verse 1:)
I don't make a living, from the shit I'm spitting/
ain't expectin' hella scrilla from my lyricism/
but I stay writing to keep my ass outta prison/
and my drug addicts are the demographic that listens/
Ugh skitzos with no meds, stabbin' clinicians/
people that I once loved, cracked out and missing/
livin' up on skid row, trapped in addiction/
I truly empathize, don't lack intuition/
Molly to ketamine to psychedelic types/
all these drugs do kill dopamine receptor sites/
pills affect transmitters working in your brain/
serotonin levels can permanently change/
The substance abuse is murdering the game/
and I use to sniff a lot, worshippin' cocaine/
so never could I judge you, I know the withdrawals/
it's easy to be blunted when you dealing with loss/
Deeper down the rabbit hole, got stuck in pitfalls/
the feeling of that euphoria when you sniff raw/
everything besides heroin, Kuma's abused it/
pursuing this music, 'cause it's truly therapeutic/

You better run and hide if you see me relapse/
contradict everything I say in these raps/
pass me the marijuana, coke, and e-tabs/
I'll end up in jail, won't make it to rehab/

(Verse 2:)
Yeah most of my content's about nonfiction/
coverin' recovery, the drug abuse, addiction/
some keep they remedies homeopathic/
rollin' fat blunts and scream out "homie yo pass it!"/
Without weed I often felt lonely and passive/
but the brain's tryna maintain homeostasis/
yeah by my late teens developed a tolerance/
wasn't tryna listen to what you was hollerin'/
Fuck therapy, what the hell's a dual diagnosis?/
co-occurring mental sickness that cause psychosis/
most addicts do suffer from mental disorders/
OCD, clinical depression, or bipolar/
They give us opioids, benzos, stimulants/
if you anything like Kensho, you'll misuse them/
a wack sober life to me was worse than death/
so I mastered my abuse smoking herbs and meth/
Took the Seroquel, Adderall, Percocet/
wanted inner peace but only had hurt instead/
eight years sober, but I know I'm still different/
if you can't acknowledge this, you are real ignorant/
real ignorant/


If you my age promoting prescription pill abuse
someone like me gonna check you
ain't nothing funny about addiction dude


released December 1, 2019


all rights reserved



Kensho Kuma Berkeley, California

Kensho Kuma is a Japanese American MC representing 510 Berkeley, California. Kuma was born in Yokohama, Japan and was raised in the Bay Area. Kuma has been actively performing and recording locally and globally since ’98.

Kuma has released three solo albums, and one group album with the 2nd Floor Samurais. "Global Gutter Gourmet" is his second mix album and is available for free download!!
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